Computer Science admission tests(заблокировано) Discussions Important

  • August 9, 2018

    HI, I've just completed the mathematics admission test for computer science program, but unfortunatelly the internet was so slow at the last minutes of the exam, i was in the last problem (problem 17) where i've to upload the soloution as jpg photos but the size of my photos was 11 MB so i tried to compress it and the send it , i am really sad, the time was running while iwas uploading the photos to MIPT's site , my answer was consist of 3 photos when MIPT's site just finished uploading the first photo and started the uloading for the second the time was totally END and that was a big shock to me... i didn't exit the site until the last photo uploaded  the i clicked on "Complete Exam" but i am worried cause when i clicked view answers all of them was in green except the last problem... and it never even preview the first photo though it was already uploaded...

    Please Help me, I solve the problem and waited till all the photos of the last problem uploaded but then i checked it out and i found non of the photos there..... it's a really really bad feeling....... what can i do ? how could you help me ? please HELP !

  • August 9, 2018

    Dear Ali-Alridha Abdulkarim,

    Please do not worry, I will upload your photos manually.

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